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Wound Care

If you or a loved one have a difficult to treat wound that has been treated unsuccessfully with commercially prepared medications, please speak to one of our compounding pharmacist to help you. Wounds derived from illnesses such as diabetes, bed sores, pressure ulcers, venous pressure or burns can be treated successfully with the right combination of medications as well as the right base. At Total Health Compounding Pharmacy, we understand that poor wound care can lead to poor quality of life and even the loss of extremities, such as fingers, feet and toes and even limbs.

The pharmacists at the Total Health Compounding Pharmacy have been extensively trained to assist physicians in the proper care of patients seeking wound treatment. Our experts have experience with wounds typically difficult to treat. At our pharmacy, we prepare various medications in many different combinations, dosing, and delivery forms. Therefore, wounds are treated with a great deal of precision for optimal recovery.

A compounded medication may have several variations that make it suitable for wound care, even wounds that are septic. Some of the specific issues that we address while creating a compounding medication include:
  • Enhance tissue growth
  • Pain management
  • Improve blood flow to the wound
  • Infection-control
  • Healing in challenging areas such as the mouth may be aided with specific topical bandages.
The base or vehicle selection is just as important as the raw chemicals that we use. Based on the prescription received, we are able to compound a formulation containing precise combinations of active ingredients, joined in the most suitable base for proper delivery, and designed to treat specific types of wounds. Our state of the art lab is equipped with essential equipment such as an ointment mill to ensure small particle sizes of the raw ingredients not only preventing a gritty and painful texture but protecting the healthy growing skin.

Total Health Compounding Pharmacy is committed to you, your loved ones and patients with the precise medications they need. Contact our pharmacy at 905-898-5210 or Toll Free at 905-898-5210 with your prescription questions or to have a prescription filled.

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