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Unavailable Medication

A unique problem faced with increased regularity is the shortage or discontinuation of certain medications. Though your physician may have an alternative that may be prescribed for a given ailment, changing prescriptions when the medication you have been taking has produced positive results with minimal side effects can be daunting. The reality is that drug shortages impact patient care.

Shortages or discontinuation in medications affects a wide range of patients and conditions. Drug shortages are well-documented, with some associations naming as many as 200 medicines on their tracking. This number, according to research, tends to increase and decrease throughout the year.

The role of the compounding pharmacist is important in the area of drug shortages and the discontinuation of medications. The art of compounding is the customized mixing of ingredients for the accurate formulation of a prescribed medication. What this means to you is that, whether you are faced with a temporary shortage or the permanent discontinuation of a medication you prefer to continue taking, this precise medication, dosage, and form, can be prepared specifically for you. Compounded medications are prepared based on your physician’s prescription, using the highest quality pharmaceuticals to ensure you receive the benefits designed for your unique healthcare needs.

Compounding is a practice that has spanned through the centuries. This does not mean that pharmacy compounding is primitive in its methods. Our compounding pharmacists have received extensive training in the areas of modern pharmacology, as well as mixing, or compounding, medications from scratch. This additional training is then complemented with protocols following the latest research, testing methods, and quality control to ensure preparations meet each patient’s unique needs.

Total Health Compounding Pharmacy in Newmarket is happy to serve every member of your family, including pets! Our convenient location is open Monday through Friday. If you cannot make it to us, we also offer free delivery to the local area as well as free express post shipping within Ontario.

There is no need to fret over a medication shortage or discontinuation. Our compounding pharmacy has been able to bridge this gap for years by compounding these medications that are no longer available by drug manufacturers. Your compounding pharmacy in Newmarket has solutions that will keep you in your best health.

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