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Sports Medicine

Professional athletes tend to rely on topical compounds to soothe aches and pains after pushing their bodies to their limits. Our secret weapon to get them back to the game is custom compounding. Our compounding pharmacists have the extra training and the capability to customize a variety of medications based on their specific needs. Pharmacy compounding is not something reserved for professional athletes. You can take advantage of this practice too.

You may not be an athlete in the Big Leagues. Maybe you’re not even a semi-pro. Your body can be put under stress in the gym, on the high school track field, or as you make improvements around the house. No matter what kind of athlete you may call yourself, compounding can offer serious benefits when you need to treat and heal inflammation and pain, muscle spasms, fungal infections of the feet, nails or toes, excessive perspiration, and hemorrhoids.

Muscle spasms, inflammation, scrapes and other injuries can all be handled with precise care suited to your needs. Our experienced compounding pharmacist works with physicians and other health care professionals to customize accurate medications based on patient particulars. For instance, a child who has experienced a minor injury playing sports may not be able to swallow a pill prescribed to treat the pain and inflammation of the muscles and ligaments. A topical compounded medication can be customized to meet the needs of this patient by customizing transdermal delivery that can be rubbed onto the skin, and reducing the chance of side effects but improving efficacy at the site of pain.

Advantages of Transdermal Pain Medication

  • Local action, site specific
  • Ability to customize the dose for the individual patient
  • Fewer side effects
  • Less drug interactions
  • Fast onset of action
  • Allows a combination of multiple medications for optimum results
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Lower dose
Just as your fitness program is customized for you, your medication should be also. Allow us to be your one and only health advocate:
  • Call us at 905-898-5210 for a complimentary appointment
  • We will sit and discuss your medical history, including medications and vitamins
  • After a thorough analysis and discussion with you, our compounding pharmacist will call or fax your physician and recommend an ideal medication treatment plan
  • Once approved, we will have it ready and counsel you on your medication
Our compounding pharmacists have extended their education to include the art of customizing medications for maximum effectiveness. Our prescriptions are prepared using the highest quality pharmaceuticals that are most appropriate for any given situation, delivered in the most appropriate form for each patient.

We work closely with healthcare providers and athletes to prepare medication to be thoroughly effective. Your compounding pharmacist will take into consideration the delivery that is right for your body so that you reap the most benefits.

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679 Davis Drive Suite 202
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Prescriptions may be called in, brought to our store, or requested online. Contact us at 905-898-5210.

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