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When it comes to your health, you deserve to have access to the products and services intended for your optimal health. We pride ourselves on compounding customized formulations that address your individual needs. When commercially prepared medications cannot meet your health needs, come speak to our experienced staff who have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to formulate custom medications for your entire family, including your pets!

Located in the Newmarket area, our pharmacy provides convenient services to our local area, as well as the Greater Ontario area. We invite you to learn more about our products and services, and to contact us with any questions you may have.

Specialty Compounding
Compounded medications are medications that are made from individual ingredients and vehicles or bases, custom made for your specific needs. We work closely with patients and physicians to create a customized medication that will help those who have difficulty taking or responding to commercially available medications. If you or a loved one have any problems with taking your medications whether it be an allergy, side effects, problems with the form or strength, or even unavailability of the drug please call us and ask us how we can be of service to you. Consider us your medication problem solvers!

Compounded medications offer individuals the ability to maximize the potential of their treatment plans. It is for this reason that we love what we do, and why we spend so much time ensuring our formulations are exact. Our team consults with many physicians, and has obtained extensive training to promote our abilities to serve patients with personalized care. Our pharmacy has a state of the art lab, equipment and high quality chemicals to ensure your ultimate well being.
Private health consultations
Do you feel like your physician doesn't have enough time to discuss your concerns about your medication? Are you confused about which fish oil supplement to take? We want to help you achieve optimal health. Our experienced pharmacists will be happy to spend a dedicated time with you to sort out all your questions and concerns. Private health consultations include an in depth discussion of your health history, to include medications, vitamins, supplements, and health conditions. A private consultation ensures the appropriateness of a given therapy and allows us to investigate the possibility of side effects. Meeting with your skilled pharmacist also gives you insight on how to achieve optimal health through supplementation.
Free delivery
We are committed to excellence in customer service. In addition to offering complementary delivery within the Newmarket community, we also extend our delivery services to all communities within Ontario by providing free express post delivery!
Medication flavouring
Not every person is tolerant of the standard forms of medication. Pharmacy compounding is dedicated to producing medications in ways that work for you and your family, including your pets. Consider improving your child's compliance to medications by flavouring with chocolate, strawberry or grape! Or beef and bacon treats for your dog! Speak with our compounding pharmacist to learn about our various available flavours designed for adults, children, and animals.
Medicine organizers / Blister packaging
Our pharmacy provides products and services to meet your home health needs. Individuals who take various medications or supplements daily may benefit from medicine organizers or blister packaging, which aid in preparing proper dosages each day of the week. Blister packaging keeps your medications sealed for safe keeping until it is time to take them. Packaging may include information about the dosage and time of administration. Lean on our expertise and eliminate the worry of remembering to take the right medications at the right time and in the right way.
Nutritional supplements / Vitamins
Research studies have indicated that commonly used medications can lead to the depletion of vital nutrients in the body. Vitamins and supplements are an effective way to preserve optimal health whether you are taking medication on an ongoing basis, or just temporarily. Not all vitamins and supplements on the market are of equal quality. Miranda Tawfik, R.Ph, ABAAHP, offers one-on-one consultations in which your use of medications can be discussed, and appropriate supplementation recommended.
Our services are designed around your needs. Contact us today to learn more about pharmacy compounding, or to discuss your prescription with one of our experienced pharmacists.