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Where can I find a quality compounding pharmacy in the Newmarket, Ontario area?

Conventional medications come with many disadvantages. They may be administered in a less desirable form, be formulated with undesirable flavouring (if any at all), may be in too strong or weak of doses, or may have a myriad of unwanted side effects. By dealing with a compounding pharmacy, customers can have medications custom-made specifically for their needs and desires. At Total Health Compounding Pharmacy, we work with medical professionals to develop medications that provide optimum effectiveness while better suited for every individual's specific needs.

If you have searched "pharmacy near me" in the Newmarket, Ontario area, you have come to the right place. Total Health Compounding Pharmacy is here to assist new customers with developing optimal therapeutic outcomes that meet your needs.

During the initial complimentary appointment with one of our pharmacists, we will thoroughly discuss your medical history. This includes past medical conditions, medications taken in the past and at the current time, and speak about any supplements and vitamins. We analyze the information and discuss the medications your physician has suggested, and will create an ideal medication treatment plan best suited for your needs. We will contact your physician for approval, and then will prepare medications per instructions. Once complete, we contact you and have you come into our pharmacy to learn more about the medication and how it works.

Medications made by a compounding pharmacy are often much more appropriate for specific needs. By creating custom medications, you can enjoy the benefits of fewer side effects, more accurate dosage, less contraindications with other current medications, better flavouring, and different applications. For example, you may prefer medication through lollipops or lozenges over pills or suppositories, and may require different doses than what is available through pharmaceutical companies.

The team of Total Health Compounding Pharmacy of Newmarket, Ontario is here to help you in developing precise medications for specific medical needs. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary appointment to learn more about compounding pharmacy and the benefits they provide. We provide many additional services to our customers including free area delivery of medications, convenient pharmacy hours, and even private health consultations.

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