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Benefits of compounding pharmacy in Ontario's L3Y 5G8 region

When you're sick or not feeling well, you want a medication that's going to meet your unique needs, not necessarily a medication that works for most individuals. This is why many patients turn to a compounding pharmacist to create a unique formula that includes medications you need, but eliminate ones that are unnecessary.

Pharmacy compounding is a combination of art and science that results in customized medication for patients. The practice has existed for many years; however, as mass medications became available in the 1960's, the role of the compounding pharmacist declined. Now, as patients become more aware of the medications they put into their bodies, many do not want the mainstream one-size-fits-all solution. Pharmacy compounding allows a pharmacist to customize medications for their patients.

Other benefits of compounding include:
  • Receiving medication that's been discontinued. Sometimes drug manufacturers stop producing a medication because there aren't enough patients who use it; therefore, they no longer want to mass produce it. However, this can be detrimental to patients who need that particular drug. With compounding the drug can be recreated and the patient can still get the medication they need.

  • Custom dosing. Perhaps a patient needs a medication that is manufactured in the pill form, but they have trouble swallowing capsules. Or maybe they need a smaller dosage and don't want to have to cut pills in halves or thirds. With compounding medication dosage can be customized to the patient. Further, some medications can be created into a topical cream that delivers relief faster

  • Flavored medications. Children and adults alike often have trouble swallowing medication that has an unpleasant flavor. With compounding, the pharmacist can add a better tasting flavor to the medication to make it easier to take.

  • Flexibility. With compounding, medications can be customized to a patient's needs. This allows patients to take the right dose of the right strength medication at the right time. Further customizations such as adding flavoring, making the medication with or without sugar, and removing added colors or dyes can be made to better suit a patient's unique needs
At Total Health Compounding Pharmacy, our team works with each and every patient to ensure that your health and wellness needs are being met. If you're looking for a compounding pharmacy in
ON L3Y 5G8 region, call us or stop by to learn more about our team and our store.

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