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Free prescription delivery one of several benefits offered by your Newmarket compounding pharmacy

When you are not feeling your best, you want a solution that will restore optimal health and wellness as quickly as possible. Although it may seem as though medications available today are made to work for every person, this isn't always the case. In fact, because we are all different, we benefit the most from medications prescribed specifically for our body and our needs. When your doctor works with a compounding pharmacy, you receive the highest extent of personalized care.

What is pharmaceutical compounding?

The scientific process of compounding existed for ages before the mass production of standardized medications began in the 1960s. Once physicians began prescribing these medications, a new norm was created. All the while, the potential of compounded medications has remained. Today, we are seeing a resurgence of popularity for the customization of pharmaceutical therapies for individual patients. We are each unique and receive the most benefit from medical solutions designed around our needs.

There are several reasons to choose a compounding pharmacy. One of the most obvious is the customized dosing that can be achieved only through the individual formulation of medications. Custom dosing affects not only the strength of a prescribed medication, but also the method of delivery. For instance, some patients are much better served with a liquid or transdermal form of dosing than a pill that may be difficult to swallow.

Compounding customizes medications in ways that also improve compliance. Who hasn't felt frustrated and helpless trying to give a child medicine that simply doesn't taste good? In the compounding pharmacy, it is possible to obtain a nicely flavored medication that will be easier to take.

One of the issues that many people face is the discontinuation of a trusted medication. Those who know about pharmaceutical compounding need not worry if a medication will no longer be available through standard prescription. Understanding the chemical constituents of various ingredients, a compounding pharmacist can replicate the needed medication for continued use.

Total Health Compounding Pharmacy in Newmarket, ON is committed to flexibility and customer service. In addition to personal treatment through compounding, we offer free prescription delivery to many of our customers.

Your health care can meet your needs when tailored specifically to them with the help of compounded medications. Contact Total Health Compounding Pharmacy in Newmarket to learn about the health care solutions available to you and your family.

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