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Prevention of cavities with fluoride treatment in Newmarket, Ontario

According to common wisdom, if you brush and floss every day, you won’t get cavities. However, prevention is not so simple. Basic oral hygiene may be challenging for people with limited mobility, young children, and people wearing fixed appliances such as braces or bridges. Additionally, health conditions or medications that cause dry mouth, consumption of acidic foods, poor nutrition, weak or thin tooth enamel, receded gumline, and many other factors can increase a person’s risk of cavities. Dentists often recommend preventive fluoride treatment for patients who are at high risk of developing cavities.

What is fluoride?

This naturally occurring element is found virtually everywhere, including the soil, streams, and seas. It is especially beneficial for oral health, as it strengthens tooth enamel and increases resistance to decay. For healthy adults, the amount of fluoride provided by supplemented drinking water is generally sufficient. However, those who are especially susceptible to cavities, and children who are still developing teeth, may need additional fluoride.

About fluoride treatment

Fluoride can be delivered topically, orally, or both. The most familiar form of fluoride is a fortified paste that most dentist use to polish children’s teeth, which is invariably bubblegum flavored. Although some dentists offer a few flavor choices, the treatment can be highly unpleasant for adults as well as children. One of the many benefits of custom compounding is the ability to make medicines and oral treatments palatable, by flavoring them to your specifications. Additionally, the strength can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Custom compounding is especially beneficial for those who have allergies to common ingredients in fluoride treatments or medications. Often, the allergen is a non-essential ingredient such as flavoring, which can easily be replaced. Every aspect of your treatment is customized for you individually. Our skilled team has decades of cumulative experience, and a sterling reputation for excellent reasons.

Total Health Compounding Pharmacy is conveniently located in Newmarket, proudly serving residents throughout ON. For more information about fluoride treatment or other services, please call us at 905-898-5210.

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