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Ontario patients ask, "Can I benefit from a compounding pharmacist?"

When many patients think about medication they assume their only options are to take prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs that are mass produced. However, compounding pharmacists offer another option. Compounding pharmacists can custom-create medications that offer patients a unique solution to their healthcare need. Under a physician's direction, patients can receive medication that is created perfectly in regards to their needs for dosage and strength.

There are many types of patients in the Ontario area that can benefit from working with a compounding pharmacist:
  • Patients who need limited dosage or strength of a medication, especially children and infants

  • Patients who prefer or need liquid medication or topical gels instead of pills or capsules

  • Patients who require medications made without various allergens, including colored dyes or gluten

  • Patients who metabolize, absorb or excrete medications much faster than most

  • Patients who need prescription medication that has been discontinued

  • Children or adult patients who cannot swallow unappealingly flavored medications
Taking medication that has been custom created for the individual typically leads to better results and faster healing. Compounding medications are not just custom dosage, they are delivered in a manner that is best for the patient. At Total Health Compounding Pharmacy, our pharmaceutical professionals can create a variety of unique forms of medication including topical gels, better tasting lozenges that dissolve quickly, chewable or gummy medications, even lollipops. Further, the team can create medications that are free from many allergens including dyes, sugars, lactose, and alcohol.

While these medications are not mass produced or commercially available, they are still safe and effective. The pharmacy team at Total Health Compounding Pharmacy led by Miranda Tawfik works with each patient and his or her physician to ensure that the right ingredients. Further, the team can combine multiple medications into a single pill or liquid medication. This helps ensure that patients take the right dosages of all their medications.

For more information about compounding medications or the Total Health Compounding Pharmacy, browse our website, call the office, or stop by and visit us. We are conveniently located on weekdays and will deliver or mail for free.

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