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Finding a compounding pharmacist in Newmarket

When you or someone in your family is ill and they can't be treated with commercially available medication, many physicians and patients turn to a compounding pharmacist. Two of the most popular reasons a family may seek a compounding pharmacists is when a young child needs a small amount of a liquid drug and only tablet, adult forms currently exist. Or if a patient is allergic to an ingredient in the commercial version of a drug, he may need to have it custom-made.

In recent years, compounding pharmacies have become more crucial to a family's overall health and wellness for pain management, hormone therapy for men and women, sports medicines, and medications for wound care, dentistry, dermatology, pediatrics, podiatry, and even veterinary. While compounding medications is a timeless art that dates back many, many years, it is also an important part of modern medicine that ensures that each patient has their unique needs met. If you're looking for a compounding pharmacist in Newmarket, here are some things to consider:

Experience: When your health is on the line, nothing less than the very best will do. Choose a pharmacist who is educated, experienced, and skilled.

Patient Care: A pharmacy works best when they understand the needs of their patients. With one-on-one health consultations, patients can rest assured that the person creating their medications truly understands their unique needs.

Convenience: Is your pharmacy open when you need them? Do they offer delivery or will they mail prescriptions to your home? Do they help you transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy?

At Total Health Compounding Pharmacy, our team has more than 25 years of experience creating medications and helping to improve patient health. Led by Miranda Tawfik, R.Ph, ABAAHP, the team listens carefully to patient needs and then works skillfully to create the right custom compounds. This leads to faster healing, better pain management, and overall better health and wellness for our patients. The pharmacy is open five days a week and offers free delivery in Newmarket and the nearby areas.

For more information about compounding pharmacy or our team, call or visit our office today.

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