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Total Health Compounding Pharmacy operates with a combination of centuries-old knowledge and innovative, modern medical technology. Our experienced pharmacists go beyond filling commercial medications; they have sought out the extensive knowledge in creating custom medications for those individuals whose needs cannot be met through traditional commercial medications. At Total Health Compounding Pharmacy we pride ourselves in being your one stop shop pharmacy as well as your health advocate, and we do so by meeting all your health requirements through custom compounding, specialty services and individualized medication management and health optimization.

Physicians and their patients benefit from the knowledge that settling for the status-quo in terms of prescriptions is not necessary. Working with our expert compounding pharmacists, it is possible to have your compound prescription tailored to your specific needs, including strength and dosage as well as flavor.

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Compounding at Total Health Pharmacies

It is our MISSION to establish a professional forum between you, our customers; the medical practitioners that handle your various health care needs, and us; to share our knowledge and work together to ensure each person’s optimum health and wellbeing. Our pharmacy has been serving the York Region for over 25 years including Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury. Our services include custom prescription compounding, free at home consultations, free one-on one health consultations, medication packaging or blister packs, vitamin and nutritional supplement counselling as well as free delivery within Newmarket and all of Ontario.

The benefits of compounded medications go beyond a pleasant flavour. Compounding is necessary in a number of situations, including:
  • Changing the dosage form of the medication from oral to a liquid, suppository, cream or lozenge
  • Eliminate allergens or additives such as gluten, preservatives, lactose and dyes
  • Eliminate or reduce side effects from certain medications
  • A discontinued medication, or medication in short supply or unavailable is required
  • Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is prescribed for men and women
  • Medication flavouring to improve compliance
  • Custom medications for pets
A benefit to working with us, your skilled compounding pharmacy is that the effect of prescribed medication can be maximized. Mass-produced medications are available in common dosages, though available doses may not be suitable for every person. Our experienced compounders make prescriptions just for you, as they will best suit your medical needs.

We can prepare a variety of dosage forms, including:
  • Capsules
  • Topical/Transdermal creams, gels, ointments
  • Lozenges/Troches
  • Pastes
  • Liquid suspensions/solutions
  • Sublingual drops (drops placed under the tongue for accurate and fast absorption)
  • Lollipops
  • Suppositories
  • Nasal sprays
Prescriptions may also be prepared as:
  • Alcohol-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Dye-free
  • Sugar-free
As expert compounders in the Newmarket area for over 25 years, we are proud to have stood by our community by actively improving their health outcomes. Allow us to become your health advocate, drop by or give us a call for a complementary one-on-one health consultation and let us begin the journey to health optimization.

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679 Davis Drive Suite 202
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